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Visiting Boston with Kids – Day 1: Things To Do in the North End and Downtown

On Day 1, journey to the heart of Boston and surround yourself with American history. You’ll start at the famous Boston Common and walk through the streets where Founding Fathers once gathered. Make sure to wear your walking shoes and pack plenty of water.


Tatte Bakery

Since you're just beginning your Boston getaway with your family, start the day off right with a croissant, a CroqueMadame, or some Greek-stylepancakes. You can't go wrong with your order at this Boston bakery. There's a location right alongside the Boston Common... which will be your next stop!

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George Washinton overlooks Boston Public Garden. Photo by @citylookbook, courtesy of Friends of the Public Garden

Boston Common and Public Garden

After a hearty breakfast, strollthrough America's oldest public park, Boston Common. Stand where George Washington and John Adams once stood to celebrate America's independence from Britain. If you're visiting Boston with kids in the summer, they will love splashing around in the sprawling Frog Pond. If you're here for a winter visit, the Frog Pond turns into an ice skating rink.

The Public Garden is situated directly alongside the Boston Common. You'll be visiting the first public botanical garden in the USA. When you enter the garden, don't forget to make way for the ducklings!

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Riding Boston'sSwan Boats isa local tradition.Photo courtesy of theBoston Tea Party Ships and Museum.

Visit the Ducklings & Take a Swan Boat Ride

If you happen to be visiting Boston with kids on Mother's Day, make sure to join in the fun at the Duckling Day Parade. But no matter the day, you'll always find the adorable duck family waiting for you in the Boston Public Garden. This sculpture is based on the timeless children's book by Robert McCloskey, Make Way For Ducklings. After you've taken some equally adorable family photos with the ducklings, head over (weather and season permitting) to take a ride on one of the famous swan boats. You'll glide slowly through the water and take in all of the natural beauty of the Public Garden. You'll probably spot some real live ducks along the way, too.

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Boston has just unveiled a new tribute to Dr. and Mrs. King.Photo of The Embrace courtesy of

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The Embrace

Just recently unveiled on January 13, 2023, The Embrace memorial has quickly become a centerpiece of Boston. The memorial was constructed on Boston Common, close to where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech to tens of thousands of people in April 1965. This sculpture shows two sets of arms and hands wrapped in an embrace. It pays tribute to MLK and Coretta Scott King and their work toward a more just world. It's meant to inspire others to come together as a community with love, honoring the love that the Kings had for one another.


Boston Public Market

This indoor market has all types of food sure to please a family visiting Boston. It's a great alternative to a restaurant because there are all kinds of vendors. Everyone can take their pick of favorite delights and then regroup at one of the tables to eat together. The Bagel Guild is climbing the charts to some of the best in Boston. The creperie and pastrami company are also yummy options for lunch. On the way out, stop by The Popover Lady for a to-go sweet (or savory) treat.


Old North Church

One if by land; two if by sea. Don't miss your chance to visit the iconic church that was the location of Paul Revere's signal with two lanterns that the British were arriving by sea in 1775. The Old North Church is closed during the winter and opens on March 1 for the spring season. Different tours take you through different areas of the church and cost $10 per person. Children ages 5 and under are free.

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A stroll through the North End is a must when visiting Boston with kids.Photo courtesy of The Paul Revere House

The Paul Revere House

Just a bit of a walk from the Old North Church, you can book a visit to Paul Revere's house. This historic site is open year-round, with different hours for the winter and summer seasons. Admission is $6 per adult and $1 for children ages 5-17.


Regina Pizzeria

You've had a big first day seeing some of the top family attractions in Boston! You deserve a delicious, family-friendly meal. Since you're already in the North End, walk just a few blocks to Regina Pizzeria. It was featured on the Today Show and voted America's #1 pizza. You can't go wrong with your choice of slice or pie.

Visiting Boston With Kids – Day 2: Things To Do on the Waterfront

Let’s call this the museum fun day! We’ve listed a couple of options for you to choose from because Boston has so much to offer, especially along the Charles River and Boston Harbor.

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Hotel Breakfast OR South Street Diner

Depending on where you're staying, you may have a choice of continental breakfast options. If so, grab a hearty breakfast at your hotel and head out to begin your museum day. If you're looking to venture out in the city for some yummy bites, try South Street Diner. They're open 24/7 and serve everything from pancakes and waffles to build-your-own-omelet.

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Boston's museums are educational and so much fun!Photo courtesy of the Boston Museum of Science

Boston Children’s Museum OR Boston Museum of Science

Both museums are worth a stop when visiting Boston with kids. At the Boston Children's Museum, you'll enter and kids will immediately be tempted by the massive climbing structure. On all levels, you'll find activities and hands-on play areas to explore. Look to spend a couple of hours here.

If you choose to hang out at the Boston Museum of Science, you'll enjoy water views and tons of educational fun. Dinosaur lovers will enjoy the humongous triceratops and T Rex. If you have time, a visit to their planetarium is absolutely worth a show.


Abigail’s Tea Room

If you spent the morning at the Boston Children's Museum, hop right across the bridge and enter Abigail's Tea Room for some light sandwiches and snacks. On a colder day, enjoy a cup of warm soup. And since it's a tea room, you can't go wrong with some mid-day tea.

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Visiting Boston can feel like a trip through time.Photo courtesy of theBoston Tea Party Ships and Museum


Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Since you've had a light lunch at Abigail's Tea Room, you're already at your next location: the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. General admission prices start at $32 per person, and $25 for children ages 3-12 (2 and under enter for free). This includes a fully-guided tour, a tour of a replica ship, a viewing of the Robinson Tea Chest, and a chance to dump tea into the sea.

Charles River Esplanade

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Time to get outdoors and take a family walk along the Charles River Esplanade. With constant updates, this expansive park offers the people of Boston and its visitors beautiful Charles River views. Take some family photos and play at one of the local playgrounds.


The Paramount

The Charles River Esplanade will take you almost directly to your dinner location: The Paramount in Beacon Hill. There's also another location in South Boston. You'll cozy up with some good 'ol American comfort food. The kid's menu includes chicken tenders, pasta, grilled cheese, and cheeseburgers, plus sides and a drink.

J.P. Licks

Make sure to save a little room for some classic Boston ice cream or frozen yogurt at J.P. Licks. Split a Nutella sundae or opt for your own individual delights. You'll definitely be licking your spoon until the last bite.

Visiting Boston With Kids – Day 3: Fenway, Charlestown, and More

End on a high note! You’ve been in Boston for 3 days and are already feeling like a local. It’s time to blend in and join the fun at a Boston sporting event. Depending on the season, take your pick of baseball, hockey, basketball, and more.


New England Aquarium

There is so much to see at the New England Aquarium. Before you even enter the aquarium, you'll be able to view Atlantic Harbor Seals gliding about. Once inside, there are many exhibits to take in. A favorite for kids is the hands-on Shark and Ray Touch Tank. Ticket prices range from $25-$34, and children under 3 enter for free.

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A trip to Boston wouldn't be complete without sampling the seafood!Photo courtesy of Legal Sea Foods


Legal Sea Foods

While spending a day along the wharf, why not try some seafood for lunch? At this popular, kid-friendly chain, you'll have a vast array of options for all ages. The Boston –Long Wharf location is directly across the street from the New England Aquarium.

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History can be fun! Photo by Greg M Cooper Photography, courtesy of the USS Constitution Museum

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USS Constitution Museum

Learn about the famous ship that was launched from Boston in 1797 and earned the name "Old Ironsides" in the War of 1812. The museum has a suggested admission of $10-$15 per adult and $5-$10 per child. Entrance to the ship itself is free. You must pass through security and present an ID.


Depending on what you choose next for your evening event, you may want to grab a bite to eat at the stadium or a restaurant beforehand.

Red Sox Game OR Celtics Game OR Bruins Game

Depending on the season in which you visit Boston and your preference for team sports, end your 3-day Boston getaway with a game. The Celtics and Bruins share a stadium, and the Red Sox play aticonic Fenway Park. Be prepared for some incredible energy and hometown spirit, and enjoy the game with your family! And touring Fenway Park is a great activity when visiting Boston with kids.

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Historic Fenway is worth the visit for a tour or a ballgame!Fenway Park photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Extended-Day Itineraries For a Family Visit to Boston

We hope you're as excited to visit Boston as we are to welcome you! If you happen to extend your stay, here are a few options we'd recommend for more places to visit in and around Boston. Some of these are outside of Boston, so you'd need a mode of transportation to get there. They're all worth a visit, so be sure to come back to Boston for more fun and adventure.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Cape Cod

Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House

Discovery Museum

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