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What makes Surgent CPA Review better than other courses?

We will prepare you for the CPA Exam faster and easier with our A.S.A.P. Technology® - and the numbers speak for themselves. Our students study an average of 89 hours total, while our competitors spend four times that. You’ve already completed your degree in accounting and may even have on-the-job experience, too. There’s a lot you already know, so you don’t need to read every page of text or watch every single lecture. Our program helps you focus your studies on the areas where you need the most review. And ReadySCORE will let you know when you are ready to take the exam.

How long do I have to study for each part?

Our course provides unlimited access to the course materials. However, with our study plan and supporting technology, most students report that they study 89 hours total for all four parts, which is significantly less than competitive course study time averages.

How long do I have access to the course?

Until you pass! And with no additional fees or charges. It is our goal to help you become a CPA, so we will be with you until you pass all four parts of the exam. When life happens and you need to take a break, we make it easy to come back, get refreshed, and get studying. Our customer service team helps students to get back on track at any time.

What is your pass rate?

Students who reach a ReadySCORE of 75 or above in all content areas, topics, and question types achieve a 92% pass rate. All Surgent students (no matter their ReadySCORE) average an 84% pass rate. These pass rates are calculated using exam scores reported by Surgent CPA Review students via a third-party platform.

How often do you update your courses?

We update our course as often as weekly when standards or regulations change, and all of these updates are available in your online course no matter when you purchase the course.

What is A.S.A.P Technology?

A.S.A.P. Technology (which stands for Adaptive Study, Accelerated Performance) is a proprietary adaptive learning technology that we built into our software so that it can quickly reveal your unique areas of need and automatically create a customized study plan that focuses on where you need the most help. A.S.A.P. Technology reduces study time while making the time you do spend more effective. As part of the technology, all text, questions, and video lectures are integrated to help you master exam topics with ease—no matter your learning style. More info on adaptive learning is available here.

How does A.S.A.P. Technology compare to other courses’ adaptive learning approach?

An adaptive course should automatically update based on your progress, like ours. You shouldn’t have to manually change your study schedule or what you study on any given day. With Surgent, each candidate is on a custom learning path. No student is alike—so no course is either.

What is a ReadySCORE?

ReadySCORE, exclusive to Surgent CPA Review, is a measure of a candidate’s CPA Exam readiness. In Surgent’s prep courses, ReadySCORE is presented cumulatively, as well as by content area, topic, and question type (multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, and written communication questions). Surgent’s adaptive software A.S.A.P. Technology uses a candidate’s ReadySCORE to generate study materials targeted to those weaker areas of performance. Learn more about ReadySCORE here.

What is the cost of your course?

The Surgent CPA Review course is available by individual section (at a price of $599 per part) and also as a full 4-part course, with packages ranging from $1,599 to $2,999. Make sure to check if you qualify for any of our discounts or promotions.

What is included with each course?

Our 4-part Surgent CPA Review Essentials Pass course includes more than 350 video lectures, 7,700 multiple-choice questions, 400 task-based simulation questions, including previously released AICPA CPA Exam questions, along with thorough explanations, customized study notes for each lecture, a study planner, an eBook, and embedded references.

Premier Pass includes everything in the Essentials Pass PLUS printed textbooks, printed flash cards, and premier support from a 1:1 dedicated exam coach.

Ultimate Pass, our highest-tier product, includes everything in Premier Pass, as well as an integrated test bank with 1,000 additional multiple-choice questions, ultimate customer support with answers guaranteed within one business day, and an audio course. It also includes access to Surgent’s Excel Certificate course: Excel for Accounting and Finance Professionals.

Learn more about our course features here.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer 3-, 6-, or 12-month payment plans through Affirm. Rates from 0-30% APR.

Are there discounts available if I’ve taken another course and have been unsuccessful?

Yes, we offer up to $1,200 savings to candidates who have attempted the CPA Exam using another CPA Review provider’s materials. With proof of purchase of a competitor’s product, we will offer discounts. We know you can pass with Surgent.

Do you have a pass guarantee?

Yes, we offer a pass guarantee. Details of our guarantee can be found here.

How do I ask questions related to the course content?

Email with your specific question. Please include your exam section and question ID number when emailing the editorial group.

Can I purchase individual printed textbooks and flash cards?

Printed textbooks and flash cards are included with our Ultimate and Premier Pass products. They are also available for purchase.

Do I have access to the course even if I’m not online?

Surgent’s CPA Review course is delivered online, so you can access the course anywhere you have Internet access. The Ultimate and Premier Passes come with printed textbooks and printed flash cards.

Is the course smartphone/tablet compatible?

Yes, the Surgent CPA Review program is compatible with most smartphones and tablet devices. All of our course features, including videos, are easily viewed on mobile devices.

What are the computer requirements for the course?

The following system requirements are necessary for seamless course access:

  • Latest full browser version of:
    • Google Chrome (Recommended for optimal performance for PC and MAC)
    • Internet Explorer
    • Safari
    • Mozilla Firefox
  • Compatible hardware:
    • PC
    • Mac
    • iPad
    • Android Tablet using operating system 4.0 or higher
    • NOTE: Kindle Fire, Nook Tablets, and E-Readers are NOT supported
  • Latest version of Java Script enabled
  • High-speed Internet connection recommended for optimal performance

Can I access the course on a trial basis?

Yes! You can get started in minutes. Click here for free trial access.

Do you have a demo that can teach me more about the course?

We hold regular free, 30-45 minute interactive demonstrations of the course. Live questions will be answered and attendees will receive a special discount code for significant savings on their purchase.

Who are your instructors?

Our instructors are CPAs and experts in their field, with years of experience teaching. They are skilled at breaking down those troublesome topics into easy-to-understand sessions. Our key instructors include Liz Kolar, CPA, and Jack Castonguay, CPA. Biographies of our instructors can be viewed here.

What’s the hardest CPA section to pass?

This will really depend on your education and background. Many candidates find the Financial Accounting & Reporting section the most difficult; it certainly has the most content.

What is your refund policy?

We’re confident that we can help you pass all four sections of the CPA Exam the first time — and we want you to be just as confident. If you’re not, we welcome you to reach out to us at We may be able to help you with study strategies, tips on how to best leverage our adaptive technology, or other suggestions that could make the difference for you. If you’re still not sure we’re the right fit for you, we’ll gladly refund your course fees, as follows:

Essentials Pass: Students may cancel and receive a refund of all charges within 10 days of the order placement date. To qualify, a student must not have completed any practice exams.

Premier Pass: Students may cancel and receive a refund of all charges, less a cancellation fee of $300, within 10 days of the order placement date. The cancellation fee may increase to include the cost of any promotional gifts received with purchase (such as gift cards). To qualify, a student must not have completed any practice exams or used any coaching sessions. Students may keep the printed textbooks and flash cards.

Ultimate Pass: Students may cancel and receive a refund of all charges, less a cancellation fee of $300, within 10 days of the order placement date. A cancellation fee may increase to include the cost of any promotional gifts received with purchase (such as gift cards). To qualify, a student must not have completed any practice exams, used any coaching sessions, or accessed the Excel® for Accounting and Finance Professionals on-demand course. Students may keep the printed textbooks and flash cards.

For all courses, Surgent must be notified of cancellation via email within 10 days of the order placement date. No refunds will be issued if cancellation is made after 10 days.

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