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Educators need a teaching certification in Washington to work in the public school system. Prospective teachers need to complete a bachelor's degree, the appropriate tests, and, if applicable, the endorsement requirements to qualify.

According to the Professional Education Standards Board (PESB), Washington faces a considerable teacher shortage, which was intensified by the COVID-19 situation. To address the shortage, the state has incentivized teacher training, increased equitable pathways, and developed community partnerships. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Prospective teachers can access teacher preparation programs in most on-campus and online colleges in Washington. Students returning to college for a teaching degree have alternative routes to certification available.

Here, we examine the requirements for teaching in Washington. We also look at the certificate options and career opportunities available in this field.

How Do I Become a Teacher in Washington?

Educators working in public school classrooms need teaching certification in Washington. The terms certificate, certification, and license differ in meaning depending on the state, but Washington refers to their teacher credentials as certificates. To qualify for a certificate, prospective teachers need to complete an approved preparation program and a series of assessments.

According to the Washington State Board of Education, teaching in Washington private schools does not require a certificate. The state has two main levels of certification, a residency teaching certificate and a professional teaching certificate. Out-of-state applicants, already certified teachers, and career and technical education teachers also have their own certificates in Washington.

Meet Minimum Education Requirements

To qualify for a residency teaching certificate, prospective teachers need to complete a bachelor's degree in an approved teacher preparation program, such as an online bachelor's in education. Teachers who want to teach specific subjects can add one of the many endorsement offerings to their certificates.

Approved preparation programs must include instructional training in the following areas:

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  • Culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Issues of abuse
  • Paraeducator supervision and support
  • Social emotional learning

Approved preparation programs vary by discipline, but they usually include pedagogical training specific to the target grade level. Prospective teachers with an associate or bachelor's degree in another discipline may pursue alternative route programs, which feature condensed training.

Gain Student Teaching Experience

The approved teacher preparation programs in Washington all require placement plans to provide students with practical training opportunities. These student teaching models allow learners to teach in classrooms alongside and under the mentorship of an active teacher. Within an alternative route program, candidates need to complete at least 540 hours of student teaching.

Once teachers have a residency teaching certificate, they need to complete two years of classroom teaching to qualify for the professional teaching certificate. Additionally, professional teaching certificate candidates need to complete a ProTeach portfolio. This demonstrates how well they control and impact a classroom.

Pass Required Certification Tests

To begin teaching in Washington, prospective educators need to complete the

educator assessments for their residency teacher certificate. Candidates first take a basic skills test before starting their preparation program. They then need to complete a content knowledge test that varies depending on their endorsement.

Additional tests may be required depending on the certificate and subject area. For example, world language endorsements require completion of an ACTFL assessment. Aspiring school counselors and psychologists need to complete the appropriate Praxis test.

Apply for Certification

To apply for teaching certification in Washington, candidates need to apply online through the e-certification system. Applicants need to submit their personal information and link their account to their school and professional records. Students will automatically have access to the credential application forms, student teaching opportunities, and college and university recommendations.

Some of the required forms include verification of program enrollment, experience, and program completion. The residency teacher certificate processing and renewal fees are $93, while the professional teacher certificate fees are $81. Candidates can follow along the status of their applications, with most being processed within two months of submission.

How Do I Maintain Teaching Certification in Washington?

Educators with an active teaching certification in Washington need to renew their credentials prior to the expiration date. The residency teacher certificates are typically valid for two years. These credentials have several renewal options, including an initial two-year renewal, a second two-year renewal, a five year renewal, and a complete reissue.

Five-year renewals require 100 clock hours of continuing education, whereas two-year renewals are for prospective teachers who have not totally completed the ProTeach requirements. Reissues are for teachers who were not able to acquire the required teaching experience within the provided time frame.

Professional teacher certificates also require 100 clock hours to renew every five years. Two-year residency renewals cost $93, the five-year residency renewal costs $81, a reissue costs $51, and professional renewal costs $81. Teachers with expired certificates need to complete 100 clock hours of continuing education to have them reinstated.

Career Outlook for Teachers in Washington

A 2021 report from the Washington State PESB highlighted shortages among diverse teachers, STEM and special education teachers, and teachers in small towns and rural areas. This creates a strong demand for many Washington education careers and teaching careers.

According to the BLS, Washington's educational workforce consists of more than 175,000 professionals. The annual mean wage for these workers was $62,180 in May 2020. Public schools only hire candidates with residency or professional teacher certificates.

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Teachers can enhance their qualifications and earning potential with experience or advanced training, such as a master's in education. When choosing whether to attend graduate school, prospective students should consider if the additional training will help them pursue their ideal career and if it justifies the extra time and cost.

In-Demand Teaching Careers in Washington

Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers typically run K-6 classrooms. They develop the lesson plans, manage student behaviors, and help students overcome learning challenges. For teaching in Washington at this level, most professionals hold an elementary education endorsement, though specialty endorsements like art are available.

Median Annual Salary: $61,350

Middle School Teacher

Middle school teachers run grade 6-8 classrooms, teaching, testing, and assessing students. They also manage student behavior, work with families when needed, and help learners prepare for high school. Middle school teachers in Washington can teach all subjects or earn specialized endorsements, such as mathematics, humanities, and science.

Median Annual Salary: $61,320

High School Teacher

High school teachers manage classrooms in grades 9-12, develop lesson plans, and oversee the appropriate standardized testing. They work with students to overcome learning challenges and prepare them for life after high school. High school teachers need endorsements for the subjects they wish to teach in Washington.

Median Annual Salary: $61,820

Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers assist in the education of students with physical and intellectual disabilities. They develop specialized educational plans and adapt lessons to better accommodate students' unique needs. These teachers need a special education endorsement to teach in this field in Washington.

Median Annual Salary: $61,820

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Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators develop curriculums and educational techniques for teachers, schools, and school boards. They research the needs of students and schools and implement improvements wherever they are needed. Instructional coordinators typically need a master's degree in education or educational administration for employment.

Median Annual Salary: $63,740

Frequently Asked Questions About Teaching Certification in Washington

How do I get teaching certification in Washington?

To earn a teaching certification in Washington, you typically need a bachelor's degree at minimum. If you want to teach a specific discipline or grade, you may also need an endorsement in that field. There are alternative route program paths available for graduates in other disciplines and for experienced professionals.

You then must pass the appropriate educator assessments, which will qualify you for a residency teaching certificate. After you have two years of teaching experience, you can advance to the professional teaching certificate. To qualify for this, you need to satisfy the ProTeach portfolio requirements.

Can I teach in Washington without certification?

Educators teaching in Washington private schools may not need a teaching certificate, though this depends on the employer. In the state's public schools, a certificate is required to teach.

However, conditional teacher certificates are available for experienced professionals. These limited certificates must be initiated by the school and may be reissued for up to two years. Candidates need sufficient experience in their discipline to qualify, and special education endorsements are available in this category.

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How long does it take to become a teacher in Washington?

It usually takes approximately four years to become a teacher in Washington. This is the length of time needed to complete a bachelor's degree and complete the certificate requirements. The testing and application usually only takes about two months to complete and process.

Once certified, educators need a minimum of two years of teaching experience in Washington to qualify for a professional teaching certificate. In total, educators typically can acquire their full professional certificate six years after starting the process.

What can I do with teaching certification in Washington?

A teaching certification in Washington permits you to teach in all public and private school K-12 classrooms in the state. Teachers may need special certificates and endorsements depending on their respective discipline and desired grade level.

Endorsements are available for most subjects and specialty fields, including special education and gifted and talented education. Teaching certificates are also available for career and technical education classes, along with a First Peoples' language, culture and oral traditions certificate. Certificates are available to in-state and out-of-state applicants.

How do I become a substitute teacher in Washington?

Several substitute teaching certificates are available in Washington. The standard certificate requires a bachelor's degree and a completed teacher preparation program from Washington or another state. Professionals with at least three years of teaching experience may also qualify.

An intern substitute certification is available to student teachers who need to fill in for their mentor and supervising teacher. An emergency substitute certificate is available for teachers who can fill in on a temporary and emergency basis. These two limited certificates must be initiated by the school.

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What do you need to become a teacher in Washington state? ›

Washington requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree and a state-approved teacher preparation program. Since you already have a bachelor's degree, you could enroll in a 'cert only' or master's program. Information on programs located in Washington(link is external).

Is there a teacher shortage in Washington state? ›

There's a nationwide teacher shortage, and Washington state is not exempt.

How many years does it take to become a teacher in Washington state? ›

Teacher Certification. This can be accomplished through any approved four-year college or university in Washington, and can be accomplished through an undergraduate program, or through a "fifth year" (post baccalaureate) program, or through a graduate (master's) program.

When I become a teacher I will because? ›

I want to be a teacher because giving is rewarding in itself. Helping people is the unifying theme as to why students are inspired and motivated to become teachers. Education is a field where you can help young people directly in a personal way; potentially changing their lives for the better.

How hard is it to become a teacher in Washington state? ›

Therefore, the minimum requirements are completing a bachelor's degree and a state-approved teacher preparation program along with earning passing scores on the state-mandated exams. Candidates who hold a regular certificate in another state with at least three years of K-12 teaching experience may also qualify.

What disqualifies you from becoming a teacher in Washington state? ›

Anyone wishing to teach children must be clear of any sexually related offenses. This includes child molestation, sexual battery, or lewd and lascivious conduct against a minor or an adult. A sexual offender or predator need not even apply to teach children.

What type of teachers are in demand? ›

Types of teachers in highest demand by 2030.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL). ESL educators are some of the most in demand teachers. ...
  • Math Teaching. Another teacher subject in demand is mathematics. ...
  • Science Teaching. What about science teachers? ...
  • Social Studies Teaching. ...
  • Special Education Teaching.
18 Dec 2020

Is Washington state a good place to teach? ›

The best state for teachers in the country is on the West Coast, a study shows. Washington ranked No. 1 on Scholaroo's list of “Best & Worst States for Teachers.” The study compared career accessibility, salary and compensation, work benefits, work environment and student performance across all 50 states.

Are teachers in demand Washington? ›

The U.S. Department of Education reports the demand for teachers in special education, technology, bilingual education and math has been constant, but the COVID-19 pandemic only made the shortage worse and upped the competition to recruit teachers.

How much do teachers get paid in Washington state? ›

How much does a Public School Teacher make in Washington? The average Public School Teacher salary in Washington is $59,373 as of October 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $49,591 and $72,400.

Do teachers get paid during summer break? ›

It's also worth noting that when teachers pay scales are set, the fact that we have good holidays will be factored in to that to some extent. However, none of that changes the fact that teachers pay is not pro-rata and then spread across the year: we are paid all year round, including receiving 13 weeks paid holidays.

Do student teachers get paid in Washington state? ›

How much does a Student Teacher make in Washington? As of Oct 15, 2022, the average annual pay for a Student Teacher in Washington is $38,192 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $18.36 an hour. This is the equivalent of $734/week or $3,182/month.

Why do you want to be a teacher best answer? ›

"I want to become a teacher so that I can make a real difference in children's lives. I take the task of developing young people into kind, thoughtful and contributing adults very seriously. I have always been so grateful to my teachers and the educational system for making me the person that I am today.

What are your three 3 most important reasons for wanting to be a teacher? ›

Reasons to Become a Teacher
  • To Improve the Quality of Education. One reason to become a teacher is to impact the education system. ...
  • To Give Back to Your Community. One of the reasons for becoming a teacher is to contribute to your community in a meaningful way. ...
  • To Change the Lives of Students.
6 May 2021

What inspires you to be a teacher? ›

The best reason to be a teacher is that you want to have a positive, inspiring impact on children's lives. You achieve this by being kind, caring, empathic, passionate and funny. These are great qualities that a teacher should possess.

What states accept Washington teaching certificate? ›

Washington Teacher Reciprocity Agreements
AlabamaIndianaRhode Island
7 more rows

What level degree do I need to be a teacher? ›

Bachelor of Education (BEd) Bachelor of Arts (BA) with QTS. Bachelor of Science (BSc) with QTS.

How long is teacher training? ›

Full-time courses usually take three to four years, while part-time courses take four to six years. If you have undergraduate credits from previous study, you might be able to complete a course in two years.

Can you be a teacher without a degree? ›

If you're passionate about becoming a teacher but lack a degree in education, a teaching certification program is your best option. A teaching certificate will provide the necessary coursework and student teaching experience to prepare you for state certification.

What would disqualify you from being a teacher? ›

Educators or teacher candidates who have jeopardized the safety of others and been convicted of related crimes will not be allowed to receive certification in many states. Making a terrorist threat, kidnapping a child or adult, and stalking someone can also result in the denial of teacher certification.

What can disqualify you from being a teacher? ›

What Can Disqualify You From Being a Teacher?
  • Sex Offenses. People who have sex offense convictions involving minors will likely be disqualified regardless of where they might apply to become teachers. ...
  • Serious Felonies. ...
  • Convictions for Person Crimes. ...
  • Drug Convictions/Failed Drug Tests.
17 Jun 2022

What month do most new teachers get hired? ›

April/May: This is one of the best times to apply for teaching jobs, as many openings are posted during the spring. Job fairs are often held during this time, which are a great opportunity to network and learn more about schools you might like to teach at.

Which state has the greatest teacher shortage? ›

Mississippi saw the highest teacher-to-student vacancy rate in the 2021-22 school year. The state reported having nearly 69 missing teachers per 10,000 students.

What type of teacher gets paid the most? ›

Professor. When you are looking for the best-paid teaching jobs for your area of interest or specialized skill, then you may consider working as a professor in a college or university. A college professor prepares course material, teaches students in a classroom environment, and grades student work.

Which city in Washington pays teachers the most? ›

Top companies for Teachers in Washington State
  • Los Angeles Unified School District. 4.0 $51.92per hour. ...
  • Seattle Public Schools. 3.6 $50.94per hour. ...
  • Prince George's County Public Schools. 3.7 $46.07per hour. ...
  • District of Columbia Public Schools. 3.5 $46.06per hour. ...
  • Montgomery County Public Schools, MD. ...
  • Show more companies.
4 days ago

Which state pays teachers the best? ›

Pennsylvania, California and New York have the highest average teacher salaries in the country, compared to all other occupations.

What is the best state to be a teacher? ›

The states where its best to be a teacher:
  • Virginia.
  • Florida.
  • Washington.
  • New Jersey.
  • Pennsylvania.
  • Massachusetts.
  • Maryland.
  • Connecticut.
19 Sept 2022

Why are so many teachers leaving the profession? ›

The tension and responsibility that educators like Gillum faced during the pandemic — combined with long-standing issues plaguing the profession, plus the coarsening of debates about classroom control, teacher pay and respect — have caused many to make the tough choice to leave the classroom.

What is causing teacher shortage? ›

In August, the Economic Policy Institute released data that found teachers make about 23% less in their profession than “comparable college graduates” in other fields. This low pay, combined with teaching during a pandemic and other stressors, has caused many teachers to resign.

Is the teacher shortage getting worse? ›

Two-thirds of U.S. public school superintendents say overall vacancies — including teachers and non-instructional staffers — are higher this year than last, a survey by AASA, The School Superintendents Association, found. About 15% report a lot more openings, saying vacancy rates are 11%-30% higher than last year.

How much do 1st grade teachers make in Washington? ›

First Grade Teacher Salary in Seattle, WA

How much does a First Grade Teacher make in Seattle, WA? The average First Grade Teacher salary in Seattle, WA is $61,386 as of September 26, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $50,374 and $74,138.

How much does a first year teacher in Washington make? ›

The average Entry Level Teacher salary in Washington is $44,808 as of October 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $37,426 and $54,639.

How many days a year do Washington teachers work? ›

(1) Each employee of the school district or charter school who, as of October 1 of the school year, is contracted to provide services as a certificated instructional employee for not less than 180 full work days shall be counted as one FTE.

Are teachers entitled to a lunch break? ›

It should be noted that all teachers are entitled to lunch and break times. However, the length of break and lunch times will be different from school to school.

Can teachers take time off during school year? ›


In accordance with the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, a teacher must be available for work for 195 days in any school year. It has, however, been accepted that there are occasions when it is reasonable to allow teachers time off from their duties.

Should teachers do lunch duties? ›

52.2 No teacher may be required under their contract of employment as a teacher to undertake midday supervision.

How do I get teacher certification? ›

Traditional Teaching Certification
  1. Choose a bachelor's degree and teacher preparation program. ...
  2. Complete a student teaching experience. ...
  3. Take your state's required exam(s) for educators. ...
  4. Apply for teacher certification. ...
  5. Choose an alternative route teacher preparation program. ...
  6. Apply for a provisional teaching certificate.

Do you get paid for teaching practice? ›

Longer, paid student teaching periods are the norm in alternative certification. Conversely, short unpaid student teaching experiences are standard in university settings. Either path to licensure may offer some flexibility, however. It's possible to get paid for student teaching at a teacher's college.

How do you become a highschool teacher? ›

You may follow one of two routes in becoming a teacher, namely: a four-year Bachelor of Education degree (B. Ed.); a three-or four-year Bachelor's degree, followed by a one-year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Once completed, both routes lead to classification as a professionally qualified teacher.

How do I pass a teaching interview? ›

Have your own set of questions prepared.
  1. Convey your passion for teaching and students. ...
  2. Research the institution where you're interviewing. ...
  3. Express your willingness to learn. ...
  4. Share only positive stories about past students, employees and employers. ...
  5. Politely smile and remain positive throughout the entire interview.

What are the 10 most common interview questions and answers for teachers? ›

Bonus teacher interview questions
  • Why are you interested in teaching at this school?
  • What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
  • How do you use technology in the classroom?
  • What would you do if a student is in danger of failing your class?
  • What adjectives would you use to describe your presence in the classroom?
3 Sept 2022

What is your strengths as a teacher? ›

My communication skills, and understanding for the emotional world of children–especially at elementary level, is my strong point as a teacher. I do not find it hard to gain trust of the students, because I understand how they feel in different situations and can choose the right words in my lessons.

What are 5 roles of a teacher? ›

In this blog post, we will be discussing the 6 different roles of a teacher.
  • The manager. This role entails that the teacher takes charge of a classroom. ...
  • The prompter. This role is all about encouraging participation and motivation for learning. ...
  • The helper. ...
  • The assessor. ...
  • The preparer. ...
  • The tutor.
3 May 2021

What is the most difficult thing about being a teacher? ›

10 Challenges Of Teaching & How To Overcome Them
  1. Understanding the different learning challenges amongst students. ...
  2. Student family problems & bullying. ...
  3. Lack of funding. ...
  4. Lack of effective communication. ...
  5. Being encouraging and motivating under challenging times. ...
  6. Disciplining students. ...
  7. Endless paperwork & extended working hours.

How do you introduce yourself in teaching interview? ›

“I was recently awarded 'Teacher of the Year' in the current school where I am teaching.” “I'm very organized and I can work with minimum supervision.” You can add some positive personal qualities, too. But do not overdo it.

Why you become a teacher? ›

By becoming a teacher you'll get job satisfaction that few will experience. Other than parents, teachers have arguably the biggest influence on a child's life. The visible results you'll see from pupils are guaranteed to send you home with a sense of pride!

How do you know if teaching is for you? ›

Do you love sharing knowledge with people and helping them to explore their own curiosities? Are you good at explaining things in a way that makes people feel encouraged to learn more? Does the idea of helping to shape minds excite you? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a teacher in the making!

What personal qualities make a good teacher? ›

Some qualities of a good teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. Other characteristics of effective teaching include an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices and a lifelong love of learning.

› community › seven-reaso... ›

Teaching is a job that thrives on variety with two days rarely being the same. You have the ability to spice it up as you work through new units in the curricul...
Much like doctors, nurses and vets, teaching is more than just a job. It's a true vocation. Many people work to live, but the rewarding nature means teacher...
Good Reasons for Becoming a Teacher. Talk to almost any teacher and few will regret choosing education as a career path. Many teachers get a great deal of satis...

How much do teachers get paid in Washington state? ›

How much does a Public School Teacher make in Washington? The average Public School Teacher salary in Washington is $59,373 as of October 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $49,591 and $72,400.

What education do you need to become a teacher? ›

Entry requirements

You'll usually need: 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English, maths and science. 2 to 3 A levels, or equivalent, for a degree. a degree in any subject for a postgraduate course.

What are the requirements for a teaching certificate? ›

Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  • Minimum mean grade C+ (plus) and above or its equivalent C+ (plus) in two subjects of specialization.
  • Post graduate diploma in Education (PGDE)

How long does it take to get a teaching certificate? ›

How many years do you have to study to be a teacher? The minimum number of years to become a qualified school teacher is four years.

Which city in Washington pays teachers the most? ›

Top companies for Teachers in Washington State
  • Los Angeles Unified School District. 4.0 $51.92per hour. ...
  • Seattle Public Schools. 3.6 $50.94per hour. ...
  • Prince George's County Public Schools. 3.7 $46.07per hour. ...
  • District of Columbia Public Schools. 3.5 $46.06per hour. ...
  • Montgomery County Public Schools, MD. ...
  • Show more companies.
4 days ago

How much do 1st grade teachers make in Washington? ›

First Grade Teacher Salary in Seattle, WA

How much does a First Grade Teacher make in Seattle, WA? The average First Grade Teacher salary in Seattle, WA is $61,386 as of September 26, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $50,374 and $74,138.

Do teachers get paid during summer break? ›

It's also worth noting that when teachers pay scales are set, the fact that we have good holidays will be factored in to that to some extent. However, none of that changes the fact that teachers pay is not pro-rata and then spread across the year: we are paid all year round, including receiving 13 weeks paid holidays.

Can I become a teacher without a degree? ›

To become a teacher, you'll need qualified teacher status (QTS) and to obtain QTS you must have a degree or a qualification equivalent to a UK degree. So, if you want to teach and already have an eligible degree – great! You're on the right track.

Is teaching degree hard? ›

Like most have said, it isn't easy, but isn't that hard either, but is just time consuming. I struggle with maths and am pretty stuck on an assignment right now, but your tutors and lecturers are always more than happy to help if you ask. Maths is one of those subjects where there is only 'one right answer'.

What skills do teachers need? ›

You'll need:
  • knowledge of teaching and the ability to design courses.
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • the ability to create the best conditions for learning or teaching new things.
  • leadership skills.
  • to be flexible and open to change.
  • excellent verbal communication skills.
  • maths knowledge.

Can I get a teaching license online? ›

TSC Teacher Service Commission published the teaching license vacancy online application. is the website portal to apply online TSC License application for the all level.

What is minimum qualifications for a primary school teacher? ›

A Diploma in Primary Education is what you need. Fortunately, all the Teacher Training Colleges and some universities offer this course. In the past, any person interested in being a primary school teacher was required to enroll in a course in P1. However, that is no more.

Can I do teaching with grade D? ›

D+ (plus) KCSE Mean Grade Will Qualify For Teaching Profession ⋆ Education News Updates.

What is the maximum age to become a teacher? ›

KPSC Age Limit and Age Relaxation

To apply for the teacher recruitment exam, a candidate must be between 21-42 years.

How long does the average teacher teach? ›

Years of teaching experience and grade level taughtTotalRural
Average number of years14.215.3
Years of teaching experience
34 more rows

How much do teachers get paid? ›

Average Salary by Years Experience
Years ExperiencePublicPrivate
Years Experience 1Public $40,540Private $29,940
Years Experience 2-4Public $41,480Private $33,540
Years Experience 5-9Public $47,300Private $37,220
Years Experience 10-14Public $54,860Private $40,440
4 more rows
1 Sept 2017


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