Good To Go! accounts & passes (2022)

Learn how to pay tolls in Washington state and how to save money on every toll with a Good To Go! account.

Using a Good To Go! account is the best way to pay tolls in Washington. Good To Go! accounts save you money on every toll road in the state and give you the convenience of automatic payments. Create your accountnow, or log in to an existing account.

Good To Go! accounts & passes (1)

Good To Go! accounts

Good To Go! works on every toll road in Washington, and you won’t have to worry about getting a bill in the mail or slowing down at a toll booth. Why should you open an account?

  • Save money. Drivers with a Good To Go! pass save $2 on every trip compared to paying by mail.
  • It’s free. There are no monthly fees and you are not required to pay tolls in advance. Buying a Good To Go! pass is recommended, but not required to save money.
  • Convenience. Choose an automatic payment option that works best for you, so you don’t have to worry about bills in the mail.

For more information about Good To Go! accounts, visit or contact our customer service team at 1-866-936-8246.

Paying tolls without an account

If you drive on a toll road without a Good To Go! account, we’ll take a picture of your license plate and mail a bill to the address on your vehicle registration with the Department of Licensing. The Pay By Mail toll rate is $2 higher.

Paying toll bill by check or bill pay eBanking services

We do not recommend bill pay ebanking services without first opening a Good To Go! account. If you do use bill pay ebanking services, you may need to update your Customer ID number every time you make a payment.

Please make sure you use the following format when sending payments:

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  • Make payments payable to: Good to Go!
  • Include the Customer ID number located on your Statement or Notice of Civil Penalty. Every statement/notice has a unique customer ID number, and may have been updated since your last bill.
  • If you do not know your current Customer ID for the payment, please reference your license plate number. If referencing license plate number, please use the license plate number from the bill you received.

Good To Go! passes

There are four types of passes to choose from. Every type of Good To Go! pass works to pay the lowest toll rate on any toll road in Washington. Some passes are designed for specific customers. For example, the Flex Pass lets you carpool for free in the I-405 express toll lanes and SR 167 HOT lanes when you have enough people in your car.

You can still save money by paying through a Good To Go! account even without a pass. If you drive on a toll road without a pass, you’ll be charged an additional 25-cent fee for each trip.

Pass types

You can purchase a pass online at, or by calling our customer service center at 1-866-936-8246. You can also find passes at participating QFCs and Fred Meyers in the region. Please note thatthe sticker pass and Flex Pass are the onlyGood To Go!passes available at retail stores. Not all stores carry both, and we suggest calling your local store beforehand to ensure they have passes in stock.

If you buy a pass from a retail store, don't forget to activate it before using it.

Pass Features

Sticker Pass
$5 plus tax

Flex Pass
$15 plus tax

Motorcycle Pass
$8 plus tax

License Plate Pass*
$12 plus tax

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Pay lowest toll rate on every road in WA





Ride a motorcycle for free on I-405/SR 167


Carpool for free on I-405/SR 167


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Keep the same pass if you buy a new vehicle



Works with specialized windshields


*License plate passes: Some cars have metal in the windshield, which can interfere with the signal from a Good To Go! pass (this is usually because of special features like heated windshields, infrared light blockers, or certain kinds of driver-assistance technologies). However, many of these windshields have a designated area where Good To Go! passes will work. If you believe your windshield may be interfering with your Good To Go! pass, you should take the following steps:

  1. Contact your local dealership or check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle has an area in the windshield for Good To Go! passes.
  2. If you find your windshield does not have a designated area for a Good To Go! pass, you will need a license plate pass for your vehicle.
  3. If you carpool on the I-405 express toll lanes, you will need to take additional steps to drive toll-free. Please contact customer service for more information.

Install a pass

Each pass will come with an installation guide:

  • Sticker Pass (PDF 364KB)
  • Flex Pass (PDF 97KB)
  • Motorcycle Pass (130KB)
  • License Plate Pass (459KB)

Late fees, civil penalties and disputes

If you receive a toll bill, don’t ignore it. If you don’t pay your tolls by their initial due date, you are assessed a $5 late fee. If you fail to pay your toll within 80 days, you will be issued a notice of civil penalty for $40 for each unpaid toll, and the Department of Licensing may place a hold on the vehicle registration.

  • Late fee: $5 late fee for an unpaid bill; issued if a toll bill is not paid in full by the due date.
  • Civil penalty:$40 civil penalty for each unpaid toll trip; issued if tolls are still unpaid 80 days after you travelled.
  • Vehicle registration hold: Failure to pay a civil penalty within 20 days may lead to a hold on the vehicle registration.
  • Collections: You may be charged additional service fees if unpaid tolls and penalties are sent to a collections agency.

Penalty forgiveness

If you’ve been charged a notice of civil penalty for unpaid tolls, you might qualify for our penalty forgiveness program. To see if you’re eligible, contact the Good To Go! customer service team to request a one-time waiver of all unpaid late fees and penalties. Please note that you must pay all of the original tolls at the time of the request.

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If you believe you’ve been incorrectly charged a toll, you can dispute the charge online. We can resolve most kinds of disputes within a few days. To dispute a charge, visit Be sure to have your toll bill ready, as it contains information you’ll need to complete your dispute.

Some reasons to dispute a toll include:

  • You do not own the vehicle, or sold your car before the toll occurred (you’ll need a Report of Sale with a confirmation number from the Department of Licensing).
  • Your vehicle or license plate was stolen (you’ll need a police report).
  • You never drove on a toll road.

Please note, if you drove on a toll road by mistake, or if someone else was driving your vehicle, you are still legally responsible for the toll charges as the registered owner of the vehicle.

Other fees

We do not charge any fees for creating, maintaining, or closing your account. Some people choose to pay extra for paper statements in the mail, but that's uncommon. Email statements are free. Consult the Terms and Conditions(PDF 185KB) for more information about the requirements and rules that govern your account.

Visitor’s guide

Good To Go! accounts are a great option for visitors, or people who only need to use toll roads for a short amount of time. To save money and easily pay tolls:

  • Open a Good To Go! account, and check the box marking it as a temporary account.
  • This will allow you to select the Pay As You Go payment option, and pay tolls automatically with your credit card.
  • Choose a date within the following 90 days for when you want your account to automatically close.

With a temporary account and without a pass, you’ll save $1.75 on every toll compared to if you had paid by mail. You also won’t have to worry about waiting for bills in the mail.

While you won’t need to buy a Good To Go! pass, you won’t be able to carpool for free in the I-405 express toll lanes, or use the SR 167 HOT Lanes as a solo driver.


Please be sure to check your rental contract’s terms and conditions before using a toll road. Every rental agency has different policies and some companies add extra fees which we have no control over.

Translated materials

How to pay your toll bill: Information about how to pay a toll bill in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

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  • Spanish (PDF 1.2MB)
  • Chinese (PDF 1.3MB)
  • Russian (PDF 1.2MB)
  • Japanese (PDF 1.3 MB)
  • Korean (MDF 1.3MB)
  • Vietnamese (PDF 1.2MB)


What is the Good To Go flex pass? ›

Every type of Good To Go! pass works to pay the lowest toll rate on any toll road in Washington. Some passes are designed for specific customers. For example, the Flex Pass lets you carpool for free in the I-405 express toll lanes and SR 167 HOT lanes when you have enough people in your car.

How do I cancel my Good To Go account? ›

If you'd like to delete your account, please fill in your email below. We'll send you an email with a link to confirm the deletion of your account.

How do I contact Good To Go? ›

Good To Go! Customer Service Contacts Us call 1-866-936-8246, email, find a walk-in center location.

How do I pay a toll in Seattle? ›

Pay a toll using your toll bill or Good To Go! account. Log in to to manage your account.

Where do I put Good To Go pass? ›

Your Good To Go!

Sticker Pass adheres to the inside of the front windshield in an area near the rearview mirror as shown in the illustration. The pass should be placed below any metalized sun strips or visor tints. The top of your pass should be no more than 6” below the roofline of the vehicle.

How much does it cost to cross the 520 bridge? ›

Weekday toll rates (Monday through Friday)
Monday through FridayGood To Go! PassPay By Mail
Monday through Friday 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.Good To Go! Pass $3.40Pay By Mail $5.40
Monday through Friday 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.Good To Go! Pass $2.70Pay By Mail $4.70
Monday through Friday 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.Good To Go! Pass $2.00
8 more rows

How do I get a refund on too Good To Go? ›

Cancel in plenty of time

If you order a Magic Bag that can no longer be claimed, just be sure to cancel the order a minimum of two hours ahead of your collection slot for a full refund. Got a question? Our team is here to help. Contact us via the help centre on the app, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Does Washington State use EZ Pass? ›

Is EZ Pass accepted? We use Good To Go in Washington. You will incur administrative costs in addition to the toll if you use a toll lane or bridge with a rental car.

How much are tolls in Washington state? ›

It ranges from $3.25 to $6.30. The cost for vehicles with more than 2 axles varies according to the number of axles and time of day the toll road is used. Trucks with more than 2 axles will pay between $4.90 and $18.90. This is an electronic tolling facility.

What is Good2Go insurance company? ›

Good2Go Insurance is an auto insurance company that specializes in selling minimum limits and high-risk car insurance to drivers.

How much is the toll in Seattle? ›

Current SR 520 Bridge Toll Rates
Mondays through FridaysGood To Go! PassPay By Plate
9 a.m. to 10 a.m.$3.40$3.65
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.$2.70$2.95
2 p.m. to 3 p.m.$3.40$3.65
3 p.m. to 6 p.m.$4.30$4.55
18 more rows

How does the toll tunnel in Seattle work? ›

Tolls change based on time of day, with lower toll rates on nights and weekends. Tolls are collected in both directions as you exit the tunnel. Drivers will receive plenty of notice that the tunnel is tolled before they enter it.

How do you cross the Bay Bridge without a FasTrak? ›

There are three ways to pay Bay Bridges toll without FasTrak: License Plate Account. One-Time Payment.
Toll Invoice
  1. Online.
  2. Over the phone at 877-229-8655)
  3. By mail at FasTrak Violations, PO Box 26925, San Francisco, CA 94126.
  4. By visiting a Cash Payment Location.

Where do you put good to go pass on Subaru with vision? ›

The easiest solution that I found that worked for me is to put it on the top right of the windshield. This is out of the way of the Eyesight Cameras and still works with the toll check points.

How do I avoid the 520 bridge toll? ›

If you're trying to avoid the bridge toll, here are my suggestions:
  1. Take the bus. There are several bus lines that run between Seattle and the Eastside via SR 520. ...
  2. Work on the Eastside in Redmond with a thinkspace coworking membership. ...
  3. Help us build a stronger network of entrepreneurs and events on the Eastside.
10 Mar 2011

Where are the tolls in Seattle? ›

Tolling is an innovative tool for easing congestion and for funding and maintaining major transportation projects. Washington currently has five tolled facilities: the SR 16 Tacoma Narrows Bridge, SR 167 HOT Lanes, SR 520 bridge, the I-405 express toll Lanes, and the SR 99 tunnel.

When did the 520 toll start? ›

The toll on 520 bridge starts at 5 a.m. Dec. 29. Here are 5 things you need to know about tolling.

What do Greggs do with leftovers? ›

At Greggs, we aim to donate as much unsold food to charity as possible, including soup kitchens, food banks, and shelters for the homeless and vulnerable.

What is a Greggs magic bag? ›

Greggs ' magic bags contain a mix of food including sausage rolls, wraps, cookies, sandwiches and doughnuts, and more than 1,200 Greggs sites across the UK are now available to snap up surplus food.

What is a magic bag? ›

As a shopper you download the app and search for nearby food outlets with unsold produce, which are placed in a 'magic bag' that you can pick up for a third of the original retail price.

Which toll pass covers the most states? ›

Uni is a portable toll pass that allows drivers to automatically pay tolls on all toll roads in 19 states, including Florida express lanes.

Can I use my i pass in other states? ›

E-Z travel across the country – You can also use your I-PASS anywhere E-ZPass is accepted, including on the Chicago Skyway, the Indiana Toll Road and in 17 other states. (via the E-ZPass system).

How does E-ZPass work? ›

Within the tag is an electronic chip that contains information about your account. Each time you use a toll facility where E-ZPass is offered, an antenna at the toll plaza reads the vehicle and account information contained in your tag. The appropriate toll is then electronically debited from your prepaid account.

What happens if you don't pay a toll in Washington? ›

Notice of Civil Penalty (NOCP): If the toll isn't paid within 80 days, a $40 penalty is assessed for each unpaid toll transaction. Vehicle Registration Hold: If a vehicle owner does not respond to the NOCP, a hold may be placed on the vehicle registration.

Can I pay cash for tolls in Seattle? ›

There are no toll booths or cash payments. The state also offers a “Pay by Plate” alternative, to register a license plate number instead of using a transponder, at a 25-cent surcharge per trip.

Can Google Maps calculate tolls? ›

Google adds info for nearly 2,000 toll roads in the US, India, Japan, and Indonesia. Google Maps already allowed you to avoid toll roads when requesting driving directions, but now it can give you an estimate of how much it'll cost if you select a route with tolls.

What network does Good2Go mobile use? ›

Coverage and performance: Good2Go runs on AT&T's powerful network. That means great coverage in most places, fast download speeds (up to your data limit), and low latency.

Does Good2Go car insurance have an app? ›

offers the LifeSaver app to Good2Go Direct policyholders. It's an easy way for them to ignore the urge to use their phones while driving and save money with Good2Go's Cell Phone Safety Discount.

How much is Washington state bridge toll? ›

The reduction goes into effect October 1, 2022. Currently drivers with Good to Go passes pay $5.25 to cross the eastbound bridge. Those who choose to pay with cash are charged $6.25, and drivers who pay by mail pay $7.25.

How much does it cost to go over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge? ›

Toll rates
Number of AxlesGood To Go! PassToll Booth
Number of Axles Two (includes motorcycles)Good To Go! Pass $5.25Toll Booth $6.25
Number of Axles ThreeGood To Go! Pass $7.90Toll Booth $9.40
Number of Axles FourGood To Go! Pass $10.50Toll Booth $12.50
Number of Axles FiveGood To Go! Pass $13.15Toll Booth $15.65
1 more row

How much is the toll on WA 16? ›

Until then, the toll rates outlined above remain in effect.
Vehicle AxlesGood To Go! Pass 1Cash 1
1 more row

Is the Seattle tunnel free? ›

During this time, the Transportation Commission considered over 1,900 written comments, and held three public meetings in Seattle during June 2018. Initial SR 99 tunnel toll rates range from $1.25 to $2.25 on weekdays, with overnight and weekend rates at $1.00 for drivers with a Good to Go!

Where is the entrance to the Seattle tunnel? ›

The tunnel emerges at a portal located west of Aurora Avenue and north of Harrison Street, adjacent to a tunnel operations building.

How do I pay the 520 bridge toll in Seattle? ›

2-axle vehicles pay $5.00 tolls with Good to Go! Pass tag, $6.00 if paying with cash, and $7.00 using Pay by Mail video toll. SR 520 Bridge, or the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, or the Governor Albert D.

What happens if you don't have a FasTrak transponder? ›

If a vehicle enters the Metro ExpressLanes on the I-10 and I-110 without a valid FasTrak account/transponder, a notice of toll evasion violation is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle with payment instructions for the toll amount plus a $4 processing fee which must be paid within 30 days to avoid additional ...

How do I pay a one-time toll in California? ›

One-Time Payment
  1. Online using a credit card: Visit
  2. By phone using a credit card: Call toll-free 1-877-229-8655 or 415-486-8655 outside the USA.
  3. In person using cash: Visit a Cash Payment Location.

How do tourists pay tolls in California? ›

All tolls on The Toll Roads are collected electronically -- there are no toll booths at which to stop and pay cash. Visitors and infrequent drivers can pay tolls within 5 days before or 5 days after driving The Toll Roads using The Toll Roads app or online at

What is Flex Pass? ›

FLEXPASS is NJ TRANSIT's newest, customizable ticket option, designed specifically for your new commuting and work from home schedules. FLEXPASS provides 20 one-way tickets for travel between one origin and one destination station, at a 20% discount.

How do I pay a toll in Washington? ›

How to pay a toll bill in Washington. You can pay a bill using a credit card, debit card, check or electronic check using the following options: Online at have the notice number to pay online) By phone: 1-866-936-8246.

How do flex tickets work? ›

Flexible tickets are sometimes called 'flexi flights' or open tickets and are airline tickets with special allowances for departure dates. Flexible tickets allow the ticket holder to make changes to the departure date and time of the flight after the ticket has been purchased.

Can I use NJ Transit train pass for bus? ›

If you have a weekly train pass, you can use it for a one-zone ride on any NJ TRANSIT light rail line or bus. Simply display your train pass on your mobile phone to the bus operator or light rail fare inspector. Bus and light rail monthly passes are not valid for train travel, with limited exceptions.

What happens if you don't pay the toll in Washington state? ›

Notice of Civil Penalty (NOCP): If the toll isn't paid within 80 days, a $40 penalty is assessed for each unpaid toll transaction. Vehicle Registration Hold: If a vehicle owner does not respond to the NOCP, a hold may be placed on the vehicle registration.

Can I use E-ZPass in Washington state? ›

Is EZ Pass accepted? We use Good To Go in Washington. You will incur administrative costs in addition to the toll if you use a toll lane or bridge with a rental car.

How much are Washington tolls? ›

I-405 express toll lanes

More than 57,000 vehicles use the toll lanes each weekday. Rates range from 75 cents to $10. They are free to use on weekends.


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