31 of the Best Online Yarn Stores (2023)

Itching for your new project? Here are the best online yarn stores that offer a broad selection of yarn, patterns, needles, and other knitting supplies.

The rise of e-commerce has not spared even the knitting community. This means that if local yarn retailers want to remain relevant and competitive, they need to do more than just fill their stores with yarns. They need to create an online presence, update their website, and promote a community of knitters offline.

From commercial yarns to hand-dyed international yarns, the online knitting community thrived in social online platforms such as Ravelry and Instagram as well as in indie dyers’ websites, big yarn retail websites, and other online yarn stores. With just a few clicks, you can easily get popular yarns from overseas.

A good number of indie yarn dyers and online wool sellers also offer special small-batch or hand-dyed yarns via online shops something local yarn retailers can hardly match. So if you’re itching to find your next set of yarn and pattern, check out these online yarn stores.

Online Yarn Stores

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1. Fabulous Yarn

Search easily by the brand of yarn, type of fiber, or weight on this thorough source for all things yarn and knitting related. Look for knitting extras like great bags for all your knitting needs, a range of needles in various materials like wood or metal as well as their custom Zen needles, and even spinning wheels on Fabulous Yarn for all things yarn and knitting related.

2. Love Knitting

Find books and videos about knitting, varieties of yarns in all fibers and colors from many different brands, as well as patterns, tools, and a helpful blog full of knitting info on Love Knitting. Deals include free shipping over $60 on select yarns and 20 percent off orders of $100 or more.

3. Knit Picks

Enjoy search options to easily find yarn in the color, weight, or fiber you need for a project, or just browse this online yarn store for a thorough selection of knitting accessories like books and videos, needles, and tools to help with your knitting projects. Offering free shipping in the US on orders over $50 and monthly sales deals, Knit Picks has all you need for creating knit perfection.

4. Yarnspirations

With links to selected boutiques specializing in knitting-related goods, this yarn store features patterns divided out by knitting, crochet, and craft projects. Selections of yarns are focused on products from their partner boutiques, including Patons, Lily Sugar N’ Cream, Caron, Bernat, and others, leading some to find the breadth of selections here more limited than other yarn stores online. The Yarnspirations website promises free shipping on orders over $60, a 45-day return policy, and a quality guarantee of satisfaction.

5. Webs: America’s Yarn Store

Featuring detailed menus of yarns sorted by fiber, brand, weight, and type, as well as menus, focused on patterns and kits, knitting, weaving, spinning, crochet, this yarn store online provides a lot of helpful search options to narrow your hunt for just the right yarns, needles, tools or patterns. Also included on America’s Yarn Store is a menu called “Learning Center” that features listings of classes and events (at the physical location in Massachusetts, USA), as well as videos, books, and a “Learn to Knit Kit” to help new knitters get started right.

6. Noble Knits

Advertising their daily yarn sales, easy returns, and free shipping on orders over $40, Noble Knits boasts of 18 years of history serving the knitting community online. The community is one of the features of the website, offering an opportunity to join a group to get knitting tips, techniques, and news from experts as well as tutorials, virtual knit-along with others in the community, and free pattersns.

7. Darn Good Yarn

This yarn store on the web features a simple website that is easy to navigate. Offering a variety of yarns and supplies for knitting that you would expect from a yarn store, they also sell clothes and accessories like jewelry, purses and bags, scarves, and more. Darn Good Yarn‘s unique feature is the $10 yarn club, a monthly subscription that gets you a skein of premium yarn, a knit or crochet pattern, and a mystery gift.

8. Apple Yarns

A local yarn store for over a decade in upstate Washington, Apple Yarns launched its online presence in 2010. With specific sections for yarns, needles, patterns, and notions, the store features a wide selection of discounted yarns, colorfully displayed in sample photos, scrolling across the lower portions of the webpage. They also proudly tout the “knitted knockers” program, which matches post-mastectomy breast cancer survivors who have not had reconstructive surgery with knitters who create comfortable prosthetics.


9. Herrshners

A craft store with more than a century of history, Herrshners online yarn selection is diverse and broad. With selections categorized into searchable lists of more than 20 brands, including their own store label, eight yarn weights, and five categories for fiber content, and even five pricing categories, the website is simple and uncluttered to allow an easy search for just the right items for your project.

10. Knitting Warehouse

Both knitting and crocheting get an equal emphasis on Knitting Warehouse, with menus detailing materials and tools unique to each craft. They also feature a wide range of specialized tools for the crafts, an extensive menu of books on the topic, and a section of free patterns that crafty types will enjoy. Calling themselves “The Discount Yarn & Notions Warehouse” they boast of prices up to 50% off, appealing to bargain hunters.

11. Twisted Yarn Shop

With an attractive, colorful, and simple webpage, Twisted Yarn Shop offers information and accessories for knitting. Searchable by weight, fiber, color, texture, and brand, they offer a range of yarns for all projects. The tools menu features sections of needles, notions, patterns, and bags to supplement your knitting crafts. Their blog updates knitters on tips and techniques as well as news and information from the store.

12. Mad Knitters Yarn

With special emphasis on their preferred brands, the online presence of Mad Knitters Yarn is the original store, with a storefront located in Nevada a new addition in 2018. Aiming to fill a void in the market for high-quality yarns that they couldn’t find easily elsewhere, this yarn store online is simple to navigate and search by type of fiber, weight, or color, as well as sections for patterns and tools to supplement your yarn shopping.

13. Smiley’s Yarns

With an 80-year history in the yarn business, Smiley’s Yarns has now moved from a storefront to a warehouse location in support of online sales only. Far from the most user-friendly and attractive webpage in the industry, the terms of sales may put many shoppers off, including a minimum $50 order, a shipping charge of $12.95 on every order, and no returns. What they promise is low prices and wide selection, which some knitters may find to be just right for their needs.

14. Must Love Yarn

Operated by three women who are passionate about knitting, Must Love Yarn features a podcast that crafters and knitters can follow to get information and yarn chat. Among many menu items in the shop, is a unique category for animal-free (vegan) fibers.

15. Churchmouse Yarns

Billing itself as a “yarn and tea shop,” Churchmouse Yarns features a wide selection of fibers, weights, brands, and colors of yarns, along with notions, tools for knitting, books, and other accessories related to knitting (as well as a section on teas).

16. Biscotte Yarns

While perhaps offering less range of brands and types of yarns, Biscotte Yarns specializes in their own hand-dyed yarns. Featuring knitting kits, unique patterns, and the Mystery Bimonthly Sock Club, a subscription service that gets you a skein of yarn and a pattern to knit a “mystery pair of socks” every other month for , this is a bit of a specialty site.

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17. JoAnn

In the “needle-arts” section of the craft megastore’s webpage is a complete yarn source online. JoAnn features 21 brands and options to search by price, type, color, weight, or more, the options are diverse for shopping for all things knitting-related on this site.

18. Paradise Fibers

With a bright, colorful, and well-organized homepage and simple menu selections, Paradise Fibers is a source for dozens of different brands of yarns in all fibers and weights, as well as accessories, tools, and hand-crafted spinning wheels, which are one of the site’s featured items. From their storefront location in Washington state for over twenty years, Paradise offers everything you need for knitting, crocheting, spinning, felting, and weaving.

19. The Yarn Company

With exclusive yarns, color, and design kits, The Yarn Company is the online version of a New York institution in the world of yarn with decades of experience in the industry. On the website, you’ll find unique features like “artist of the week, ” a section for jewelry, and signature needles.

20. Island Yarn Company

Offering worldwide shipping, and free shipping in the US on orders over $75, this yarn store features a range of unique pattern kits as well as an extensive supply of yarns in all weights. Island Yarn Company features a range of their own hand-dyed yarns along with all the top brands.

21. Purl Soho

From its attractive front page to its searchable options of yarns and fabrics, Purl Soho brings the best of a craft boutique to the web. An entire section is devoted to free patterns for crafters to knit, sew, crochet, embroider, or weave a new masterpiece.

22. Michaels

From the craft, the superstore is an online yarn source that is easy to search for many types of yarns, needles and hooks, and other tools and accessories for yarn working projects. With yarns categorized in groups including Basic, For Kids, and Baby and Specialty, users can search and shop the wide selections of yarns with ease in Micheals.

23. Amazon

The famous Internet superstore offers a very thorough section devoted exclusively to yarns for knitting and crochet, as well as tools, needles, and other accessories. Amazon is divided into searchable categories to allow shoppers to select from one of 11 fiber types, seven weights, and more than 50 yarn brands, this is possibly the most complete yarn store available anywhere.

24. Northwest Yarns

Possibly one of the most unique yarn stores online, Northwest Yarns offers unusual opportunities for knitters in the upstate Washington area to join a knitting cruise or to be married in their own wedding chapel by one of their two “ordained ministers.” For shoppers around the world looking for yarn and supplies, they have you covered as well, with a wide range of brands, fibers, weights, and colors of yarns and fibers.

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25. Knot Another Hat

Featuring one of the cleverest of many knitting-related store names, Knot Another Hat provides a wide range of yarns and accessories for all of the fiber arts. A family-owned business with a storefront in Oregon and a worldwide presence on the web, this store offers a diverse range of yarns for knitting, weaving, crochet, stitching, and spinning.

26. Unraveled

Offering selections of yarns from more than 20 brands, Unraveled also features a wide variety of needles, notions, and accessories for fiber artists worldwide. With special emphasis on helpful tools like yarn ball winders, yarn bowls in many materials, and swifts, this yarn store also features classes for those in the local area as well as books, information, and inspiration for all knitters.

27. Ice Yarns

Offering a wide choice of their brand of yarns in all colors, weights, and fibers, Ice Yarns is a bit more of a specialty shop for yarn, as it does not offer selections of other brands of yarn. They do offer accessories like needles and tools in addition to their yarns.

28. Eat Sleep Knit

From the bright colorful homepage, shoppers can select from categories of yarn, needles, notions, and patterns in Eat Sleep Knit. Offering selections from nearly 30 different brands, there is certain to be the yarn you need for any project available on Eat Sleep Knit.

29. Yarn Connection Shop

Boasting outstanding customer service, including yarn samples so you can try before you buy, Yarn Connection Shop has a wide range of yarns and accessories. They promise special gifts to reward loyal customers and claim to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction with their products.

30. Crafty Housewife Yarns

With their somewhat sexist name, this yarn shop claims to be a “boldly traditional” online yarn store. Crafty Housewife Yarns offer handspun yarns, spinning fibers, and yarns by their featured artist among many other products for knitters and other fiber artists.

31. Knits and Pearls

With a clever and memorable name for knitters Knits and Pearls is an online source for yarns of all types, as well as needles, notions, kits, and patterns. They offer fibers for all sorts of projects, from crochet to weaving and the accessories and information to help you know what to do with it all.


What is the best quality yarn? ›

  • BEST OVERALL: Red Heart Super Saver Yarn.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Lily Sugar 'N Cream The Original Solid Yarn.
  • BEST ACRYLIC: Caron Simply Soft Yarn.
  • BEST COTTON: Lion Brand Yarn 761-158 24-7 Cotton Yarn.
  • BEST WOOL: Patons Classic Wool Roving Yarn.
  • BEST LIGHTWEIGHT: Patons Kroy Socks Yarn.
22 Mar 2021

What is the most popular yarn? ›

Common Fibers. Spun from the fleece of sheep and one of the most popular yarns, wool is accessibly priced and easy to handle.

Which yarn is best for beginners? ›

Best yarn for beginning knitters
  • Wool And The Gang Crazy Sexy Wool. $24. ...
  • Cascade 220 Yarn. ...
  • Cascade Magnum Yarn. ...
  • Purl Soho Super Soft Merino. ...
  • Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight Yarn. ...
  • Berroco Vintage Worsted Weight Wool Blend Yarn. ...
  • Clover Takumi 9-Inch Single Point Needles Size 10. ...
  • Crystal Palace Straight Bamboo Knitting Needle Set.
21 Dec 2018

How many yards of yarn do I need for a blanket? ›

Blankets can take a lot of yarn and as such, it is important to make sure you have enough yarn before beginning the project. As a general guideline, one yard per stitch might be required for making a baby blanket while an average twin bed-sized blanket takes between 300-330 yards.

What wool is best for crochet? ›

Worsted and bulky weight yarns are considered the best yarns for crochet beginners because they fall right in the middle of the list.

What is the most expensive yarn? ›

Vicuña wool is the finest and rarest wool in the world. It comes from the vicuña, a small llama-like animal native to the Andes Mountains in Peru.

What yarn does not stretch? ›

Cotton — made from the cotton plant's boll fiber that actually protects the seeds and naturally helps with seed dispersal. It is one of the most common fibers used to make yarn with. Hemp — made from the hemp plant fiber. Hemp yarn won't shrink or stretch and won't pill.

What type of yarn is softest? ›

Cashmere: The softest and fluffiest yarn of them all, but is also rather expensive and not that strong.

What is the easiest yarn to knit with? ›

Wool tends to be easier for beginners as well because it's super stretchy and smooth. Fine cotton yarn and natural fiber yarns are better for advanced knitters since they're not as stretchy and can be difficult to knit with at first.

What kind of yarn is best for blanket? ›

Woolen spun or lofty yarns are best for warmer blankets. This is because the fibers trap air better and the blanket will be able to hold in heat. For example, Barrett Wool Co.'s Wisconsin Woolen Spun Yarn ($18.50, barrettwoolco.com) comes in a variety of colors that can be used in a warm blanket.

What is the best yarn to crochet a blanket? ›

The best yarn for knitted blankets is wool or wool blend yarn. This type of yarn best suits a dense weave pattern and is best suited for people who live in cool or moderate climates. If you don't want to use wool, a premium acrylic yarn is another great choice.

Is bigger yarn easier to crochet? ›

Most people find that yarn, which is thicker than thread (see more sizing information below), is easier to work with than crochet thread. That said, there are certainly crocheters who've jumped right into working with crochet thread from the beginning.

What is the most common size knitting needle? ›

The most common knitting needle size is US size 8, or 5mm. These needles are most common because they match up with worsted-weight yarn, which is the most common type of yarn for most knitting patterns. These needles are generally considered a normal size for beginners to start knitting with, too.

Is crochet easier than knitting? ›

Crochet uses a single hook to hook the loops together directly on the piece. It is this major difference that makes crochet much easier to work with than knitting. For beginners who seek convenience and versatility, we suggest crochet. The tools and techniques are minimized, and, therefore, slightly more accessible.

Which crochet stitch uses least yarn? ›

Of the basic crochet stitches (single, half-double, double, and treble crochet), the treble crochet stitch and the double crochet stitch used the least amount of yarn. They tied in length and weight of yarn used for a 4 by 4 inch swatch.

How much yarn do I need for a queen size blanket? ›

Queen Size Blanket (Afghan)

A crochet queen size blanket or afghan will take about 10 to 18 skeins of yarn. This means you will need about 2000 to 4000 yards of yarn. If the afghan is only one color, you will need less yarn, but usually, they are made of many colors.

Why does my yarn keep splitting? ›

Sometimes your yarn splits because you are working against the direction that the yarn is twisted in, so you are basically untwisting it. By working with the opposite end of the yarn you can work into the same direction that the yarn is twisted in, so that it doesn't split.

What size crochet hook should I use with 8 ply wool? ›

Double Knit or Eight Ply Wool - use 3.25mm or 4.0mm hooks.

What animal has the softest wool? ›

More extraordinary than cashmere, the softest wool in the world comes from Vicuna, the national animal of Peru. A Vicuna is a more elegant relative of Llama, a 1.8 metre tall domesticated animal of South America.

What animal has the best wool? ›

Merino sheep wool is the finest and softest of all sheep wool. It is used in intense cold-weather applications for its breathability, temperature regulation and moisture control. It is also used for felting of purses, bowls, slippers and scarves.

Is alpaca warmer than Merino? ›

When compared to merino wool, alpaca is softer, stronger, warmer, and retains less water. It's also a more environmentally sustainable option when you look at the overall impact.

Which yarn is best for sweaters? ›

Acrylic yarn is an excellent choice for sweaters because it holds up well to washing, comes in an amazing array of colors, and is not terribly expensive. A premium acrylic can feel as soft as natural fibers and makes an excellent choice for sweaters.

What is the thinnest yarn? ›

Lace weight is the thinnest, lightest type of yarn. It's used mostly to knit lace shawls and scarves. To get the open lace effect, use a larger needle size. Super fine yarn includes sock and fingering yarn.

What is thick yarn called? ›

7—Jumbo (Roving) Jumbo yarn is the thickest yarn weight, added in 2014 to classify the super thick yarns that began to appear on the market. Jumbo yarns are great for arm knitting and work up quickly.

What yarn is soft and not itchy? ›

Merino wool is one of the softest yarns available. Cultivated from merino sheep, this wool has incredible softness and breath-ability, making it ideally gently against the skin. Merino wool doesn't have the coarse, itchy feel of standard wool because merino fibres are much finer.

What's the fluffy yarn called? ›

Mohair. Mohair yarns are very fuzzy (Credit: LoveCrafts). Mohair yarn is shiny, lightweight yarn with a fluffy, soft texture that some people find irritating to the skin.

What is fluffy yarn called? ›

Mohair. Mohair is popular and is normally blended with silk or nylon to create a strong fluffy yarn that can be dyed in many colours. Mohair can be itchy if used for a whole garment, so it's best to try it out against your skin first.

What is the best knitting needles? ›

Here are two needles I can recommend:

ChiaoGoo Knitting 9 inch US 8 (5mm) Knitter's Pride Bamboo 10 inch Size US 8.

Do you need extra long needles to knit a blanket? ›

Usually, the yarn you choose has a recommended needle size. You can make a blanket on either long straight needles or circular needles. If using straight needles, make sure they are long enough to accommodate the entire width of the blanket without bunching up too much.

What type of yarn is best for granny squares? ›

Typically they are made with dk or worsted weight yarns (weights #3 or 4). If you are just starting out in crochet, you might find that it is best to use a yarn that isn't as prone to splitting, like a cotton yarn, but for most people a classic acrylic yarn works well for grannies.

What size crochet hook Do I need to make a blanket? ›

What is The Most Commonly Used Crochet Hook Size? The most common size is a H/8 5 mm crochet hook. It is the perfect size to make blankets, scarves and more since it is not too small and not too large.

How long does it take to crochet a blanket? ›

It takes over 20 hours on average to crochet a blanket. Casual crocheters can finish an average blanket in a month or two, but time frames change depending on how intricate the pattern is and how thick the yarn is, ranging from a week to a year.

How many skeins of yarn does it take to make an afghan? ›

For example, to make an adult afghan out of Homespun , you will need 1875 yards of yarn. Each skein of Homespun contains 185 yards, so you will need 11 skeins of yarn.

How many skeins of yarn do you need to crochet a blanket? ›

If the blanket only has one or a few colors, it may only be 10 skeins. To crochet a blanket, you will probably need about 2000–4000 yards of yarn, depending on the weight of yarn, the size, and the number of colors in the blanket.

What yarn is best for afghan loom? ›

Lion Brand Baby Soft. Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn is a best yarn for afghans because it is so soft and easy to care for.

What happens if your crochet hook is too big? ›

What Happens If You Use a Bigger Hook? If you use a bigger hook than the pattern calls for, the finished item will turn out bigger. Your stitches may be looser, which can cause gaps to appear in the fabric. This may not be a big deal if you're making a blanket, but it can be a big deal if you're making a sweater.

What is the best size crochet hook for beginners? ›

Most beginners start out in the middle with a worsted-weight yarn and a size H-8 (5mm) hook. This is a good middle-of-the-road size that will help you get used to the rhythm of your crochet stitches. When you're more experienced, you can try smaller hooks with lighter yarns as well as larger hooks with heavier yarns.

What happens if you use a smaller crochet hook? ›

Smaller hooks make finer and tighter crochet, while larger hooks produce a bulkier, more open weave. Patterns and yarn labels always suggest what size hook to use, but you may need to switch to a different size to achieve the correct gauge.

Which knitting needles are best for arthritis? ›

Trick 1: Try alternatives to metal needles, such as birch or bamboo needles, which are lightweight and warmer to the touch. Trick 2: Stick with wool or wool blends. Wool is elastic and more forgiving than cotton and other fibers, which makes it easier to manipulate.

Are bamboo or metal knitting needles better? ›

Bamboo needles are warm and smooth to the touch, making them ideal for those who don't like the cold feel and clicking noise of metal needles. For beginner knitters, bamboo is our top choice. Bamboo needles are easier to handle than metal or other woods, because the stitches don't slip off the needles.

What happens if you knit with bigger needles? ›

So by knitting with bigger needles, you'll have larger loops on the needles of the finer segments of the yarn as well, which will allow easy passage of the puffy parts. A second advantage to knitting thick and thin yarn with larger needles is the strain on your hands.

Is crocheting good for your brain? ›

Reading, crosswords, word searches and other things like crafts are all a great way to keep your brain healthy! A study done in 2011 suggests that knitting and crocheting may help stave off a decline in brain function with age.

Which is older knitting or crochet? ›

Knitted textiles survive from as early as the 11th century CE, but the first substantive evidence of crocheted fabric emerges in Europe during the 19th century. Earlier work identified as crochet was commonly made by nålebinding, a different looped yarn technique.

Is crochet or knitting prettier? ›

Crochet clothing in general is less flattering than knitted clothing. You can create flattering, draped fabrics in crochet but most knitting is flattering and drapey. A crocheted jumper is likely to be bulkier than a knitted one. It's certainly possible to make flattering crochet clothing but it's usually in lace form.

What is medium worsted weight yarn? ›

Worsted weight yarn is a medium-weight yarn that sits in between light and bulky yarns. Worsted weight yarn falls into the Craft Yarn Council's 4/Medium category. You may also hear it referred to as “afghan” or “aran” weight yarn, or as “10-ply yarn” in Australia and the UK.

How do you crochet for beginners? ›

How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners: Part 1 - YouTube

How do you cast on knitting? ›

How to CAST ON Knitting for Total Beginners - YouTube

Is wool a fiber? ›

wool, animal fibre forming the protective covering, or fleece, of sheep or of other hairy mammals, such as goats and camels. Prehistoric man, clothing himself with sheepskins, eventually learned to make yarn and fabric from their fibre covering.

Can I use DK instead of worsted? ›

Although DK is lighter than worsted, they are both considered to be medium weight yarns, and they're often used for the same kind of projects. You might be able to substitute one for the other, but always knit a gauge swatch first.

What is softest yarn? ›

Cashmere: The softest and fluffiest yarn of them all, but is also rather expensive and not that strong.

Is DK the same as worsted? ›

Is worsted weight yarn the same as DK? Worsted weight and DK (double knit) weight yarns fall in the same category, although they're not exactly the same. The main difference is that worsted weight generally uses slightly thicker strands of yarn than most types of DK weight yarn do.

Which is faster knitting or crochet? ›

Crochet is also faster to create than knitting. There are five basic stitches in crochet: slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet. All other stitches are a combination or variation of those five stitches.

What is the first thing you should crochet as a beginner? ›

The first thing a beginner should crochet is a simple scarf or another small rectangular project. These projects are a great way to practice your crocheting skills and to try out new stitches and techniques.

What is the easiest thing to crochet? ›

The easiest thing to crochet for a beginner is a pattern that involves basic crochet stitches such as the single crochet, half double crochet or double crochet.

Does slip knot count as first stitch? ›

In knitting, the slip knot counts as the first stitch of the cast on. That means that by tying a slipknot, you've cast on your first stitch! So, how do you make a slip knot? Thankfully, it's easy-peasy.

Should you knit a row after casting on? ›

When you cast on stitches with the cable cast on method, the stitches are on the left needle at the completion of the cast on. The right side of the cast on is facing you, and you don't have to turn the needle around to start the first row. Therefore, knit the first row to avoid the bumps.

How do you knit one pearl? ›

Knit One, Purl One Ribbing - 1 x 1 Rib - YouTube

Which country is the largest producer of wool? ›

Australia produces about 345 million kilos of wool every year – about one quarter of the world's wool. This makes Australia the world's leading producer of wool, followed by China, Russia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, the UK and Uruguay.

Is Merino wool real wool? ›

Merino wool is a natural fiber grown by Merino sheep. It's thinner and softer than regular wool—making it easy to wear next to skin. And when you wear wool next to skin, a lot of benefits come with it.

Why is wool warmer wet? ›

When a wool garment gets wet, water is adsorbed, meaning it gets trapped in wool's porous fibers. Inside the fibers, the hydrogen bonds in water break down. This creates a chemical reaction that generates heat.


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