10 Low-Cost Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens and Youth (2023)

Have you been trying to find low-cost boarding schools for troubled teens and youth? whether as a low-income parent, this content covers the list of low-cost boarding for troubled youth, as well as affordable boarding schools for troubled teens.

Moreover, having a troubled teen and youth requires getting help for such children by enrolling them in schools that provide excellent academic experience, mentorship experience as well as social and extra-curricular activities.

Teenager/youth faces significant and troubling challenges as part of their growth process, this requires giving them a second chance to do better.

Studies show that every child, especially teenagers/youth who are facing/exhibiting this significant troubling behavioral problem needs close monitoring as this behavior may be a result of influence from peers or self-influenced by trying to fit in unnecessary.

However, most parents take it upon themselves to handle their troubled teenagers, others consult therapists to help their troubled teenagers and youth as well as enroll them in psychological programs while the majority see the need of enrolling their children in a boarding school for troubled teens and youth. This has brought about the search for low-cost boarding schools for troubled teens and youth.

Significantly, the cost of tuition fees of most boarding schools are quite expensive and this is a major factor of consideration for most parents.

In this article, World Scholar Hub has helped provide you with low-cost boarding schools for troubled youth and teenagers.

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Who is a teen?

A teen is someone whose age is between 13 – 19 years. Significantly, They are called teens because of their age number has ‘teen’ at the end.

A teen is also referred to as an adolescent. this is a period of transition with significant changes both mentally and physically.

Globally, the average percentage of teenage is about 12.8.

Who isa youth?

Youth means young; Young ones from the ages of 15 – 24 according to United Nations. Statistically, there is an approximately 16 percent of youth globally which is a total of 1.3 billion youths.

Youthful age can be seen as the time between childhood and adulthood.

It is the early period of existence of growth/development and moving from dependence to independence.

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What does it mean to be troubled?

To be troubled simply means a state of being upset, distressed, dismayed, bothered, disturbed or worried, having troubles or difficulties.

Who are troubled teens and youth?

Troubled teens and youth are young ones who exhibit behavioral, emotional or learning problems beyond teenage/youthful issues.

This is a term used to describe teens or youths who exhibit behavioral, emotional or learning problems beyond teenage/youthful issues.

However, a low-cost boarding school is a type of boarding school with low fees and payments. We have taken the time to draft them out, we hope you find one suitable/affordable boarding school for your child.

List of Low-cost boarding schools for troubled teens and youths

Below is a list of the top 10 boarding schools for troubled teens and youth:

  • Heartland Boys Academy
  • Freedom Prep Academy
  • Ranch boys
  • Brush Creek Academy
  • Masters Ranch
  • Clearview Horizon
  • Allegany Boys Camp
  • Anchor Academy
  • Columbus Girls Academy
  • Gateway academy.

Top 10 Low-Cost Boarding Schools

1. Freedom Prep Academy

Freedom prep academy is a low-cost boarding school for troubled teens and youth. It is located in Provo, Utah, United States.

This is a low-cost boarding school that is aimed at helping troubled teens and youth to start a new life and experience success by teaching them to think critically, connect socially, and serve selflessly.

However, Their yearly tuition fee is $200. It mandated parents to pay $200 so they could find a project that directly benefits the students.

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2. The Ranch for Boys

The Ranch for Boys is a non-profit, residential boarding school for boys who show signs of troubling behavior. This is one of the top low-cost boarding schools for troubled teens and youth, located in Loranger, Louisiana, United States.

The school provides a safe, stable, and nurturing environment where troubled teens and youth can focus on their education and emotional healing.

In addition, The school relies on the charitable contributions of generous community donors to fund their good work of supporting troubled teens and youth. Its tuition fee is about one-third of the total cost of an average therapeutic school, plus $500 for administrative costs.

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3. Heartland Boys Academy

Heartland Boys Academy is a top low-cost boarding school for teens and youth. It is located in Western Kentucky, United States.

It is also a therapeutic and Christian-based boarding school made for teenage boys with a positive learning environment that offers benefits with talented staff who are dedicated to helping young men gain the tools needed for success.

Moreover, A low-cost boarding school like Heartland Academy provides relationally oriented and highly disciplined programs, educational programs, spiritual programs, personal growth curriculum, vocational skill-building activities, athletics, and community service-learning projects that are specially designed to help troubled teens and youth who are struggling with difficult life challenges or expulsion from normal schools to ensures that the boys earn elevated levels of trust, responsibility, authority, and privilege.

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However,Their tuition is about $1,620 per year plus a $30.00 non-refundable application fee that is required for paperwork.


4. Brush Creek Academy

Brush Creek Academy is one of the best low-cost boarding schools for teens and youth. It is located in Oklahoma, United States.

However, Brush Creek Academy school is a boarding school for troubled teens and youth who are struggling with life-controlling problems like rebellion, anger, drug, alcohol, or lack of personal responsibility.

The school provides teens and their families with a well-structured program with special tools and resources to help troubled youth thrive academically, relationally, and spiritually. Their tuition is $3100 which is paid once upon enrollment.

It is a one-time payment.

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5. Masters Ranch

Masters Ranch is among the lowest-cost boarding schools for teens and youth located in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

Moreover, Masters Ranch is a therapeutic and Christian low-cost boarding school for teenagers between the age of 9-17 who are mentally or psychologically disturbed.

It is built to put teens and youth through physical activity and mentoring them on how to become authentic, trustworthy people and be confident.

Their tuition is $250 per month. They are also an additional cost on the licensed therapy that is made available which depends on the needed basis.

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6. Clearview Girls Academy

Clearview Girls Academy is also a low-cost boarding/therapeutic school for troubled teenage girls in Montana, United States.

Their program is designed to last for at least 12 months.

The school offers innovative therapy to individuals, groups, or families through counseling and specialized help for students dealing with addictions.

However, Their tuition fee is nearly half of the average cost for other troubled teens and youth schools. Their tuition fees are also covered by insurance companies.

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7. Allegany Boys Camp

Allegany Boys Camp is a private high school located in Oldtown, Maryland, United States. The school is aimed at turning around the lives of troubled teens and youth by providing a calm, threatening free environment where teens can explore with the help of their groups and counselors.

Moreover, the school teaches its students to work through their problems into emotional, behavioral, and spiritual wholeness successfully.

In addition, Allegany boys camp is a low-cost boarding school for teens and youth which operates on a combination of tuition and charitable contributions and support. A teen or youth in need of help is never turned away in the school for inability to pay.

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8. Anchor Academy

Anchor Academy is one of the low-cost boarding schools for teens and youth. It is located in Middleborough Town in Massachusetts, United States.

However, Anchor Academy is also a low-cost therapeutic boarding school for teens and youth who require alternative pathways for emotion, education, and successful growth. They operate 11 monthly academic programs with a sound unique clinic that helps students meet the academic requirements of other normal schools.

You choose to be a full-time or part-time student.

Their tuition fee ranges from $4,200 – to $8,500 annually depending on the program you opt in for. The breakdown of their monthly tuition ranges from $440 – $85.

However, there are some other nonrefundable fees like enrollment, resources, and care fee which ranges from $50 – $200.

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9. Columbus Girls Academy

Columbus Girls Academy is among the low-cost boarding schools for girls. It is located in Alabama, United States. It is a well-structured Christian boarding school for struggling teenage girls.

The school focuses on the spiritual life, character growth, and personal responsibility of troubled teens and youth in helping them overcome life-controlling problems.

Columbus Girls Academy offers help to troubled girls through four main components: spiritual, academic, physical, and social.

Their tuition fee ranges from $13,145 – $25,730 per year. They also provide Financial Aid.

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10. Gateway academy

Gateway Academy is one of the low-cost boarding schools in the world. It is a unique school located in Houston, Texas, United States.

However, they accept students on a sliding scale based on family income.

They are committed to teaching traditional academics and meeting the social and emotional needs of their students with learning and social differences. This low-cost school serves 6th-12th grade students with academic and social challenges.

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Frequently asked questions about low-cost boarding for troubled youth and teens

1) Is there a free military school for troubled teens?

Yeah, there are free military schools for troubled teens for effective learning. However, while military school might seem like an ideal option for a troubled teen with behavioral issues, it might not be the best.

2) Where can I send my troubled kid?

Solutions are numerous, you can send your troubled kids to teens in boarding school.

3) Is it good to send a troubled kid to a non-denominational boarding school?

In as much as the school has what it will take the kid to survive and heal, you can send the kid.


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In conclusion, low-cost boarding schools have proven to be useful in helping troubled teens and youth.

Furthermore, this consist of a list of the top 10 low-cost boarding schools for youth and teenagers with checked tuition fees to identify those with low costs. The schools are ranked in order according to their tuition fees, from highest to lowest price.

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